Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 1

So today was the first official day of work/school/whatever you wanna call it. So basically today we did all the paperwork. All the normal papers you have to fill out when you get a job. He talked a lot about saving money. He brought us all downstairs to see his car. lol. He talked about how when you save your money you can buy the things you really want. We all got to sit in his car. Its a fairly new mustang. I think he only got it a year or a few years ago. This is kinda what it looks like.
Except that his is a pale green colour. Its really really nice. We were all nervous to get in cuz it looked pretty much brand new. He told us about how much they wanted when it first came on the market and the price was insane. So he waited a year and in totally he saved 14,000 on it. So he talked a lot about not taking the first price and looking for ways to save money. He also talked a lot about how most employers say that the worst thing with teenage workers is their being late or not showing up. He also talked about how that's an advantage to us. Because the ones who are there everyday will be the ones who get promoted. He also talked about little things that make you look really good to your employers. Like going the extra mile. He talked about how he went to an open interview and there was a waiting room with a lot of people and there were snacks and coffee provided while they waited. He said it was untidy and people weren't cleaning up and so he did it and the person who was giving the interviews saw him and gave him the job on the spot. He talked a lot of work ethic and dress code. And then at the end of the day we got paid! :D So that concludes my first day at work.

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Tamara said...

SOunds like you're going to really enjoy this course! Annd you get paid at the end of each day??