Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Adventures of Robin Flower

This is a story made up with random pictures I had on my computer! :D
Made for the one and only ROBINS BOBINS PINEAPPLE POT TOE! lol :) Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a little Robin Flower. She always dreamed of somday leaving her pot but when the day came she didn't know what to do with herself. She had always been in the pot. "What else was there to do than soak up the moist dirt beneathe her?" She thought. So she went wondering to find the world outside the pot. She decided that it was her turn to "think outside the pot".

"Hehe, watch me grow!"

She walked for a bit then found this huge tree. She'd never seen a tree that big in her whole life! She just had to run up to it and hug it! It was so differnt then she had ever imagined the trees to be! But...after her extreme tree hugging the tree told her to back off.

She went to take a closer look and that is when she met the Laurenzo Flower. "Hello, I'm a Robin Flower." She said as she still stared in awe of the tree.

The Laurenzo Flower, feeling interupted by the big old tree, told the Robin Flower that in her spare time she likes to climb the trees. The Robin Flower was excited at the idea. The Laurenzo Flower told her that if she climbed the tree that she would give her a brand new set of stainless steal pots and pans. Thinking that was a jim dandy deal, she took the offer.

The Laurenzo Flower grined to her hearts delight whist the Robin Flower still stared at the tree. Then she grabed onto the branch and pulled herself up it with her long leafy arms. She got to the top and felt very proud. She was getting really close to the edge of the branch when the Laurenzo Flower yelled "Dont fall down the tree!". Then all of a sudden she fell. "Blarrrrg!....CRASH". The Laurenzo Flower replied "Oh she did it. She fell off the tree." And right into the pots and pans.

She ended up getting a scar on her big toe. And from that day on it was named the pot toe.

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Tamara said...

Friggin awesome! lol Can't wait to see Robin again!