Friday, October 08, 2010

European Awesomness!

My trip to Europe wasn't what I expected. Things that I thought would be very different weren't and things that I thought were universal weren't. Here are some of the small things that I didn't except to be different. Although I must say...I LOVE them!!

Shutters! I <3 shutters! These ones open two ways. I saw them everywhere in Italy!

I soooo want one of these! Its a dish drainer in a cupboard above the sink! So when they are drying they drip into the sink. And you can just close the cupboard and voila! Gone! Brilliant? I think yes.

The light switches are soooo cute aren't they?!


Jadekitty said...

I love all of those features!

Lauren said...

oh man, the cupboard would be the handiest thing ever.