Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rigatoni with Sardinian Sausage Sauce

Yesterday I made the Rigatoni with Sardinian Sausage Sauce.
At first I was very unimpressed with the serving size. It ended up being about half a cup after I portioned it into the 4 servings (the other three are going to get frozen for quick dinners). So I sulked away and ate my portion...adding a tiny bit of parmesan because pasta isnt pasta without a little cheese. It was actually really good and to my surprise I was very satisfied once I was finished. It was the perfect amount! I didn't feel hungry after nor did I feel like I ate too much. So overall, I think this recipe is going to be one that I might try again in the future. I did change a few things in the recipe though. I used Ukrainian sausage because I couldn't find any turkey sausage like the one they described in the book. And I used rotini because it was all I had in my cupboard. One complaint I have about this book is that some of the ingredients arn't sold in Terrace. Even if you just compare stores, the Save On and Safeway here don't carry the same things that they do in the same stores down south. Its kinda frustrating.

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