Saturday, April 03, 2010

This is why I love my job (Part 2)

Onward to the second day...

Good Friday! We had hot crossed buns and eggs for breakfast! Yum! While I was serving the little ladies in the back I only gave them one egg each because they don't eat much. As I walked past a certain resident whom when you offer him salad he says "i am not a bunny" lol, he told me that my menu sign was wrong. Knowing it was some bazaar reason (because it always is lol) I humored him and stopped to listen. He told me that I wrote "eggs"(emphasis on the s) but there was only one egg on the plate I was holding. We both laughed and I brought the ladies their ONE egg lol. Then when it came time to serve him I put two eggs on his plate. I brought it up to him and said "look! two eggs!". He said "eggssss!" and laughed soooo loud! The whole dinning room could hear him! It totally made his day.

That was really the only entertaining thing that happened that day. Though by this time I was in such a good mood that almost anything made me smile. Like when one of the residents sat beside the window and buzzed at the hummingbirds. Ya I spent like the whole day laughing and giggling to myself. I could not think of a single serious though to clear my giggles. There are many other great things that happen at work, but I'll save those for another day!

Tot ziens!


Lauren said...

:P betcha I know who the non-bunny is. lol.

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