Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simply Entertaining

Today, it was the last day of finals. After sleeping less than three hours in the last two days, I got in the car to go to school. For a second, I thought my steering wheel, the gas pedal, and brake pedal were all missing. That's when I realized I was sitting in the back seat. FML

Today as i was walking back from my friends house, i realized i could see my breath. I spent the whole 5 minute walk pretending i was a dragon, when my boyfriend asked what i was doing. As i began telling him, a weird expression fell over his face. He then shouted, "YOU DO THAT, TOO?" I had a feeling that i chose the right guy. MLIA

Today, I walked around my store with cornmeal on my thumb and greeted every employee I work with by running my thumb across their forehead and whispering "Simba." Everybody laughed, but my favorite part was when someone yelled "RAFIKI, COME TO THE OFFICE!" MLIA.

* Taken from the two most entertaining sites ever, Fmylife and Mylifeisaverage *

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I'm such a nerd...i totally thought these were your real!
So funny!! I love the Simba one!