Thursday, February 11, 2010

Movie Reviews

Funny Face

Loved this movie! The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because the end was kinda slow. But I highly recommend everyone out there watch this movie at some point in their life. Audrey Hepburn does a super creepy dance in the movie and it is not one to miss!

Les Miserables

Another great movie! I was caught off guard when I started it. I left this movie to last since it would be hard to watch a movie with subtitles while knitting. But when I started it I noticed that they were speaking in English....and it was in colour. So ya, lol I got the wrong movie! I had seen this movie ages ago when I was quite young. The only part I remembered was a scene near the wall of the city and it was in black and white and in french with subtitles. After I watched it the other day I immediately went to google to try and find another version of it. So anyways, there are two version of this movie. Both are incredibly amazing. Its a play as well...and of course a book. It's defiantly one you need to watch.


I have become completely addicted to this show! If I hadn't seen the very first episode I don't think I would have gotten so hooked. One thing I love about this show is that its not overly gory and even though the storyline is eerie the show itself it not uber creepy.

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Tamara said...

I love it when people post movie reviews. I really do.