Friday, December 25, 2009


I know I'm a couple days early but I've been thinking about the new year and all the things I hope to accomplish in it. Now I don't want to call them new years resolutions for just the very word screams failure. I have NEVER been able to stick with a new years resolution and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So lets just call it "changes" that I would like to make to my life this year. So here are the my changes:

I would like to spend more time for myself in the morning. I either get up, get ready and walk straight out the door for work or I sleep in until noon. This year I would like to walk up at a decent hour and start off by giving myself time to make a proper breakfast and do something that I love, like read or draw or write. So this year I am going to make more time for mornings.

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A really cute blog called Simply Breakfast

I would also like to learn some simple phrases in Italian and freshen up my French for my trip in August so that I can communicate with people :)

I would also like to start going swimming regularly and start going to the gym. Anyone interested in joining me?

Thats it for now :)

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Jadekitty said...

Breakfast is good!! I will swim in the lake with you!