Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another inocent victim....

of CPI CORP! They are the devil. They own walmart and sears portrait studios. A girl I know just got pictures done there and I saw them on facebook. They were AWFUL! Legs are cut off, the bottom of boots are showing, the cropping is horrible! And they are a digital studio now so there is noooo excuse! After working for that company I can say that those are NOT good photos. And for god's sake they TRAIN YOU! There should be none of this happening. But when you only get paid $9 an hour its understandable the amount of effort you feel obligated to use. So for any of you who are thinking of getting photos done at Walmart, STOP! Come to me first :) My friend paid $200 for a cd....a CD! Whats the cost of a cd? Like less that $1? That is ridiculous especially considering the quality. I am saving up money as I am going on a trip to Italy in August so try me first! (i need the money) and if you are completely unsatisfied consider them free. Here are my rates:

$75 for:
Infants (1-2 hours + cd)
Children (1 hour +cd)
Family (1 hour +cd)


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