Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Photoshoots :)

Today I had a photoshoot with Christine. She is fricken gorgeous! Which made it insanely easy to get awesome shots. It was a TON of fun. :) Looking at the pictures I got, I wonder...(without being conceited of course) if anyone would be willing to pay me for photos. I am so scared to do it for pay. What if I mess up and get NOTHING good and then they spent money on crappy photos? What if there is no one out there who even thinks I'm worth it? What do you think?

^ This is one of my favs! ^

Another one of my favs! She looks like she could be posing in a magazine! ♥

^ My all time favorite! ^

I ♥ this one!


Jadekitty said...

Great photos~!

Tanisha said...

Hey so what's your deviant art name?

Bonnie said...


Tanisha said...

Cuz I joined it!

Tanisha said...

PS: I love how you called your photography "Bonnie Ratchford Photography".

It was my first suggestion! :P