Wednesday, July 08, 2009

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An update on my life...

I have an interview in a few hours for Terraceview Lodge. I'm soooo nervous. I really hope I get it. I need a job terribly. So wish me luck!

My trailer is coming along. The guy who is laying the new flooring said he would probably be done by Wednesday or Thursday. I'm soo excited! Tara is sleeping over the first night...because I'm a chicken. I don't want to stay there alone the first night. We've only really got the bedroom, livingroom/kitchen, and hallway done. But thats all that needed to be done before the new flooring went in (there will be pictures soon!). I still have the bathroom and my walk-in closet to paint. But I'm still picking colours. I am moving in before I paint those though. As soon as the flooring is layed I am packing up the wheelbarrow and bringing things across the street to my new home!

Other news. I have 2 chapters left in Memoirs of a Geisha! Its a really really good book. Very well written. I am also quite impressed with myself. It usually take me FOREVER to finish a book. I'm going to finish my last few chapters today and then pick my next summer book! I ♥ reading!


Jadekitty said...

I sure hope your interview goes well. Can't wait to see photos!

Christy said...

I would pay large sums of money to see you moving all your stuuf into the trailer in a wheelbarrow!