Thursday, July 23, 2009

Changes, changes, changes

Its official. All my friends are leaving me! Mandy is going off to UBC, Tara and Aaron are off to Blanche MacDonald. Tamara is going to be starting school again in the fall (I assume). I feel like such a loner in this town! I HATE Terrace. But even moreso I hate making new friends. Its always so awkward and weird at first. Not much fun at all. Since everyone is leaving me I am going to spend the next year working and taking the CanScribe course. I also plan on getting fit! I am looking for a workout partner! Any takers? I want to start biking, jogging, hiking....ANYTHING at least 4 times a week. I want to make a scheduel because frankly I cannot stick to something if I just tell myself that I will do it when I have time. So if anyone wants to arange a day a week to go walking, biking, swimming, whatever let me know! I also want to look around and see if Terrace has any fitness groups that I could join. If anyone knows of any let me know!

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