Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yoga: what do you think?

I was wondering what you guys think about yoga. I've heard many different things, from its a good form of exercise and gives you more flexibility to its a form of worship and its from the devil. Sooooo whats your take on it? Fill out my poll on the side and comment if you have something to say!


Clover said...

it's fun, great exercise, and stretches you out for sure. i love it.

that said.... there is a very real spiritual component that comes along with most forms... if one is not in a position where they are able to discern what is dangerous ground and *not go there*, then it should be avoided until they are mature enough to discern those things (imho).

me... i went to a class once, i prayed to Jesus while they were doing the spiritual parts of it, and just enjoyed the stretching. but i wasn't comfortable in the class environment, so would not go back.

and, well, incense and asthma don't mix, either.

i have a video that has very little spiritual component to it.... but what can i say, it's hard for me to get myself to expend energy exercising....

Jenny said...

It's a very good form of exercise and the devil worshipping heresay is hogwash. I loved it the few times I've been.

Tamara said...

It's definitely not bad. We used to have a lady come into my work every Wednesday morning for an hour to do a yoga class for us. It wasn't my thing (only because I couldn't NOT laugh while everyone was being all serious with their deep breathing..) but I didn't feel like my spiritual walk was being attacked by any means.

Jadekitty said...

I second what Clover said!
Stretching and deep breathing are very essential to our well being, so take it with a grain a salt. learn how to do the poses and then do them with worship music on would be my thought.