Saturday, April 18, 2009

Biking Extravaganza!

Today Tams and I went biking. First bike ride of the season! This is probably the longest I have EVER biked...and I'm sure I will pay for it tomorrow when I can't move from all the soreness. We Biked all the way from Thornhill Jr. to Copper Estates! Insane! I googled it and it is 7.4km! By the looks of the map its about the same distance as from Thornhill to the other side of town! It was an awesome work out! Soon I hope to be able to bike out to Lakelse! Going the seanic route (of course) so that I can see a bear! One of my goals of the summer is to get a good picture of a bear. Oh by the way, the blue line is what I biked :)

Stay Tuned for tomorrow!
Something extravagant happened today! (well ok, not THAT extravagant but its a change!)
Because I'm too lazy to post about it tonight you shall have to wait till tomorrow.

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