Monday, March 09, 2009

I have been bit by the knitting bug!

I'm really excited to learn to knit! And like most things I never like to start with the easy simple things. The sweater talked about in a previous post has been postponed. I can't find yarn that I really like to make it with. So I am going to wait on that. Meanwhile I would like to start on a smaller project. I have started to knit the bootees! They are so darn cute! It's kind of been a slow process since I am still trying to figure out patterns. They are written in codes! Its so hard to read! Soon I shall master it though. Below the bootees are some other things that I hope to knit! (I'm really into baby stuff at the moment). Althought those are much harder than the boots and it might take me along time to get to that level. But we shall see!

PS. I am finally enrolled in school! I am once again a student! YESSSS!


Jadekitty said...

Learning the hard way is something we have in common. I was just telling the husband today that I wish I had a grandmotherly lady to teach me.
The things you have picked are adorable.
Congrats on being a student again!

Lauren said...


I think I also have the pffft it doesn't look that hard thing going on :P LOL

Yay for school! Go bonnie!