Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Beginning of Something Great

And on your left you will find... BONNIE'S FIRST 365!!!! After much nagging from Tamara I have decided to start my 365! So take a look because you will be seeing this face EVERYDAY for a WHOLE YEAR! ....Scary eh? Anyways...ennnnjoooy!

Day 1

Here is my first 365! (Tams thought it showed my real personality)


Muffinza said...

Bwahahahah YAY I Luvs it, I'm glad you've started.

Tamara said...


I must say I feel rather proud for nagging people to start this! I really did it for selfish reasons lol

Jadekitty said...


Lauren said...

Yes, eet ees veeery bonnie!

leah said...

woo... exciting. =) let's see how long you last! haha. i kid, i kid. i guess i should try to be more encouraging. =) go BONNIE. go, go!

Gloria said...

good job Bonnie I'm shocked you're going to write for 365days. Good for you! I don't have enough patience to write everyday.

p.s. am I missing March 17th?