Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Healthy Foods

So I read a book a couple days ago called "Skinny Bitch". It was advertised as a weight loss/diet book. Taraben and I thought it looked interesting so she bought it. That day I read pretty much the whole entire book. (its addicting. I kept wanting to read more!). By the end of the book I sat and thought about what I read. What I read was defiantly not a weight loss/diet book. It was more like a ploy to convert people over to becoming vegan. Well as much as I disagree with a book like that. The wording and everything is so convincing. Some of the stuff I read in that book I will never get out of my mind! (or at least for a little while). The slaughter house stories were the worst. Its not the way they treated the animals that bothers me, its the things that go into the meat and the old rotting meat that gets packed with the new fresh meat. Thats sick. So I have decided that I dont eat meat anymore. The thought of it makes me sick. As for Vegan....well...I dont drink milk anymore. Because thats also sick. But I'll eat some things with milk in it...because well its unavoidable. Also no cheese. That one has been hard. I realized that I eat cheese on almost everything! So this is my new eating habits...now I just need to find something I can eat!

Yesterday Tamara and I were looking at Chris Crocker videos. I was dieing I was laughing so hard. (literally dieing. I'm sick right now so everytime I laughed I would start caughing and dieing.) And wow....I laughed alot last night. So anyways, here is a video we saw that reminded me of my new vegan ways! lol. Enjoy!

PS- Check out the Vlog on Tams blog! We shall be taking suggestions and questions! --> Vlog!


Ruth said...

Good land of the living!!!! That is the creepiest thing ever!!! LOL!

Tamara said...

lol Bon I was just watching more of his videos, and they just keep getting better and BETTER!!

I vow to help you in your new veggie life! (by not offering you anymore bites of my chili..)

I must also apologize for encouraging you to burst into fits of laughter that would inhibit your breathing abilities lol

Jadekitty said...

I scared Corbett good with that video :)
God bless on your journey.

Remember Vegetables have feelings too!

Stephanie said...

Is he that Britney Spears lover?

Bonnie said...


Gloria said...

nice nice changing your habits I see. Good for you. I'm sure TANI will help you. Keep it up and there's also lots of organic foods out there