Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weekend Fun!

So a bunch of friends and I went out to this really fancy expensive steakhouse. Then it started snowing and we decided to go get gelato! It was so good! We went to La Casa Gelato! They have 218 different flavours! Tanisha made us try pine mushroom. It tasted like vanilla kinda. It was weird. After she told me what it was i could totally taste it! It was gross...but not...all at the same time. Here are some pictures from that night! It was super fun running around in heels and dresses in the snow while eating gelato!

Laura and I

The beautiful Sharmila

The Girls

The Girls and Jannie

The Girls and David
(they were some lucky guys!)

Shelly and I and our gelato! Lol I love this picture!

The gang eating ice the snow!

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Tamara said...

Wow...I have missed a lot of your posts. Looks like you guys had fun!