Thursday, December 11, 2008


Baozi or 包子

So I was talking to my friend Lexiao (or commonly referred to as Shelly) and I was talking about going shopping at TNT supermarket (a Asian supermarket) and how she should come with me because I have no idea what everything is. And I would be lost without her! We decided to go on Monday before bible study and this is what our conversation looked like after that:

ß•ns∂¡ - yay :) and we can get some of those things you bought

(side notes for the readers: Last Monday Shelly came over and brought these dumpling things which after this whole conversation I found out were called baozi)

Lexiao - what things?

ß•ns∂¡ - those ummm dumpling things with stuff inside

ß•ns∂¡ - that you said were like hamburgers

ß•ns∂¡ - i really liked the one with all the sauce

(side note: It was like a steamed bun with BBQ pork inside! Sooo good!)

Lexiao - OK, I am really confess now...

(side note!: at this point I was really freaked out! Confess? What was she about to confess to me. I was half expecting "Surprise! It wasn't actually pork inside! It was chopped up chicken feet!" or somthing of that sort. I was anxiously waiting for a response. It seemed like it took her FOREVER to respond.)

ß•ns∂¡ - ok...? *scared*

Lexiao - ahhh!

*** long pause***
(side note: I was getting even more scared now. What had I eaten!?!?)

Lexiao - I remember...!

Lexiao - haha

Lexiao - sure

(side note: ok this is were I realized she ment "confuced" instead of "confess". I was then relieved. Lol. She simply just didn't know what I was talking about. Not that she was going to confess what was really in it! Phew!)

ß•ns∂¡ - ohh confused! haha

Lexiao - yes, I was ,but I remember what is that dumpling things now!

Oh Shelly, you are too cute! I was so afraid! lol. I cannot wait to get some more of those yummy steamed buns with awesomeniss inside!


Tamara said...

Hey I saw those being made on take home chef yesterday! I had them once in Vancouver too...and that asian market is too much for me to handle! So many good things...but too many half dead fish floating around in tanks =/

Tanisha said...

I'm actually LOL'ing.

Jadekitty said...

That is a great story!!