Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I had a crazy busy weekend! Started off with work (boooooo!) then on Saturday I went salsa dancing! I realized that I'm much more fond of swing dancing. Some of the guys at salsa were uber creepy! But over all it was fun. Jannie taught me how they dance in south Africa. That was super fun! Oh! and Tanisha and I ditched for a bit and went and sang karaoke in the bar next door! lol. That was fun. After salsa a couple of us girls went over to Gloria's house for a sleepover. She's moving to Israel in a few weeks so we needed to get some time with her before she leaves. So we ordered some pizza on the way back to her house and partied like it was 1999. lol. Mia decided to wake us up super early by jumping on the bed...taking pictures of us sleeping...singing really loud...reading the bible really loud (saying it was our morning devotional lol). She was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. But at the same time I wanted to kill her it was so early! Eventually she got us up and we all got dressed up in our pretty dresses, took picture at the park and headed off to church. The church was having its annual church carnival. There were burgers, hotdogs, mini doughnuts, a bouncy thing for the kids, snow cones. So we stuck around for a bit, ate lunch. Then went over to Deer Lake to take some pictures! We got some awesome pictures! Then we went out to Carianne and Jills place and watched Shes The Man. (LOVE that movie!) Went hot tubbing and that was the end of my awesome weekend! Now its back to housework, schooling, and work. (blah!)

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D-Ann said...

Very nice photos! (I checked out the rest on FB) That sleepover sounded like a lot of fun.
The one time I danced salsa it was with a short Mexican man.. Slightly creepy.