Sunday, July 13, 2008

D40 or D80? That is the question!

So as you can see I got a new camera! I got a Nikon D40! Considering returning for a D80 though. I love the size of the D40, its like perfect size. It's small and light. Perfect for carrying around. However It doesn't have all the awesome features that the D80 does and the D40 only have 6megapixels and the D80 has 10. So I'm kinda torn between the two. 15 days to decide! I got the 18-55 lens and I'm probably going to spend some more money and get the 55-200 VR lens too.

Top: D80; Bottom: D40


D-Ann said...

So what's the size diff between the two cameras? Otherwise go for the D80.. All the way.

D-Ann said...

unless you will never use all the features.. and honestly are you ever going to use a 10 megapexiel photo?

Tamara said...

Wooohoooo!! I have the D40x and it has 10.2 megapixel & a few more features than the D40. There's not TOO many differences between the d40x & the d80..the price is probably the biggest one. Whatever you do though, you'll love your Nikon! I know I treasure mine!

Ruth said... jealous! have we must see photo's galore!!