Friday, July 25, 2008

Celebration Of Lights!

So last Wednesday we went to Kits Beach to watch the fireworks. Note to self...never agree to that again! The fireworks were so far away! It was not a great view. Last year I went to English Bay to see the fireworks. It was phenomenal! So I hope we go to the fireworks again next Wednesday...except go to English Bay! It's extremely crowded...and takes forever to get outa that place. Parking is like non existent. The street are packed with people walking up to the skytrain, etc. It's so strange watching people take over the roads. Cars can't do anything....there's just too many people. There are some really mad's kinda funny. Ya so I brought my camera....(should have gotten Nikki to bring her tripod! Taking photos of fireworks is really hard without a tripod) So I got a few shots. This was one of the best. Hopefully I go next Wednesday and get some better ones! The fireworks are insanely big at English Bay. The Beat (one of the most popular radio stations here) plays music that goes with the fireworks. Its pretty cool. The ground like shakes from the fireworks and the music. Its AWESOME! Anyways I'm off to work! Ciao!

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Tamara said...

Oh how I truly love fireworks!