Monday, May 05, 2008


And the winner of the contest is...

Gwen's Blog

Thanks to everyone who participated. You guys all had great answers!

Some of my favorite answers were:

back to In The Beginning, like Adam and Eve, and just
like in the hero movies, stop eve from eating the forbidding fruit

I would go back to Woodstock as a t-shirt vendor

Gwen, you shall receive your new CD in a couple weeks. My mom is coming down in a few days and I shall send it back with her.
: ) Enjoy!


D-Ann said...

Yea Gwen!!

joni said...

yaaah Gwen.. i am so excited for you.

Gwen said...

What? What? Hello, why didn't I see this before? I can't believe this, I've never won a thing before in my life.

And where did you get that creepy picture of me? LOL!!!

Gwen said...

Bonnie, I have a feeling that my prize may have gotten lost in the mail.


Gwen said...

And isn't it weird that I suddenly remembered this, out of the blue, and then took the time to track down this post at 1:34 AM? I am officially a loser.