Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Personal Trainer

Yesterday was an AWESOME day. I went to Value Village with Laura to help her pick out clothes for Uganda. She's going on a missions trip there so she needed long skirts and such. It was really fun. We found some really scary clothes and had a good laugh.

Then we went to the gym. We decided to try out Fit City For Women. Which I don't think I'll go there again. So first off, it costs $10 for a drop in. Which isn't extremely bad, but theres tons of places where you can go cheaper. So we paid and came in. Laura knows TONS about the body and exercise and so she was making a work out plan for me. So we were sitting there and she was writing a few things down and two of the women that worked there came over and started asking us questions. They kept telling us that they don't allow personal trainers here unless they are employees there. We told them that we were just friends and they STILL were telling us that they don't allow it. It was very annoying. Eventually they understood that we were just friends and they left us alone. It was very, very unwelcoming. So anyways, we continued our workout. She made up a circuit for me. It was cool because she explained which muscles were being worked and she paired it with the machine that worked the opposite muscle. It was neat. Afterwards when we were leaving I wanted to stop and ask how much a pass would be and if they have month passes or week passes. So we asked and the woman said that she wasn't actually supposed to tell us at the front counter. (even though no one was at the counter except up) Soooo she brought us into her office and sat us down and told us prices. Basically you pay for a year and its $500! They have a promotion on now that if you buy a year you get 6 months free. But ya I don't have that kind of money. She gave us both a week pass so we could try out the place a bit. I will probably go for this week and then find somewhere else. So all I can say is, Fit City, gooood riddance!


DaRcI said...

Wow, that is retarded. I can't believe you still asked after how rudely they treated you. That's more expensive then Curves.

Tamara said...

I would have been so annoyed with the lady telling me my FRIEND couldn't help me out