Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

I had a great Easter weekend!

On Friday I went to Steveston with Bonnie and Richard. Its a small little town near Richmond. We ate fish and chips and wondered around the pier. Later that night Shelly and I watched Atonement! I hated it at first...but the ending made it all worth it. It was a really good movie! So we watched that and then we met up with Sam, Tyler, and Bill and we all went out for some bubble tea! Instead of pearls I got little star shaped mango jellies in mine. They were sooo good! So we took our bubble tea and went for a little walk. It was great!

On Saturday...*thinks*. I think I stayed home that day. Yes, yes! I got a call back on Saturday! So I got a job at T.G.I.Fridays! I will be working as a busser. Which isn't great....but eventually I'll work my way up. So that starts on Wednesday! Hopefully that goes well! Oh right! I also went to church on Saturday night. I went with Bonnie and Richard. The service was ok...it was way too overdone if you ask me. The choir sounded amazing though!

On Sunday I slept in (since I went to church the night before). I woke up a bit later for Sabs (Sunday Afternoon Bible Study) which was great by the way. Then I went to Nikki's for Easter dinner! It was sooo good! Though Nikki's cooking is always good! It was fun to spend Easter with friends since I cant be at home with my family for the holidays. Shelly and I decided to fold the napkins all cool. So we snuck into Nikki's room (since it has the best internet reception) and googled ways to fold napkins. We tried many different ones that looked soooo simple! And they were incredibly hard! Finally we stumbled across instructions to fold them like bunnies! Lol and sadly enough it was the easiest one that we seen! After dinner we played some Tabo and ate dessert. Overall it was a fantastic night!

On Monday Nikki and I went shoe shopping. I needed black shoes for work. I was dreading it because last time I was on a hunt for shoes it was very painful. I couldn't find the right shoes anywhere! However this time is was absolutely amazing! We went to Metrotown and I found two pairs in the first store! Both on sale too! It was awesome! So since what we thought would take hours only took about 10 minutes we had so much time to kill. So we went to the bank to see Sam. We had perfect timing. He got off work as soon as we got there. So Nikki, Sam, Steph, Tyler, and I went to Deer Lake. We drank Starbucks that Sam so kindly got for us and walked the path around the lake. It was a really nice day out. So that concludes my great Easter weekend!


DaRcI said...

wow, sounds like you had a great time!! Miss you

Tamara said...

yay! See, told you that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself! Glad you had a good Easter :)