Thursday, December 13, 2007

Las Margaritas!

So random blog about a resturant that i LOVE! Food was soo good. Its called Las Margaritas! I went there with my bible study. Oh! For once in my life i actualy ate salsa! AND!.....I liked it! Weird i know. Soon I shall post a list of all my favorite places to eat! :D I told my mom that i went here and she told me that she went there when they first opened. It was kinda weird. Its like im experiencing all the things my mom did at my age. Her and her friends used to call it Lost Margaritas tho...cant remember their reason tho...or she never told me...meh. Anyways! Excelent place! I give it five stars. Oh and when we got there, there was a wait for an hour to get a table so we wandered down the street and found a candy store! lol sooo much fun!


Tamara said...

Aw sounds like so much fun!!! It's good to see an update from you dangit. Oh and I'm looking forward to your fave places to eat list :) Lists are the greatest thing. Ever.

DaRcI said...

can I come eat there with you??