Monday, December 17, 2007

Hot Pot!

Shelly, Gloria, Nikki, and I

Gloria and I and some steam from the hot pot!

And Finally! Hot pot! This is the creepy one that had...or stil has all the seafood in it!

So really this post should be before the church ones since this was last Thursday....i think it was Thursday. Anyways! This is hot pot! Its a chinese dish. Its basically soup and they bring you all this stuff and you cook it! Its fun. Tho i wish i sat on the other side of the table with Gloria whos alergic to seafood. We had prawns that still had eyes on! It was sooo creepy! lol.


Tamara said...

Ok...after the pictures AND the explanation I still don't understand what hot pot is!! lol

DaRcI said...

Soo many posts! Will?
lol see ya when you get here!

DaRcI said...

Alrighty, Girl don't be scared of a slow computer. You can still update. Besides it's not about the comments now is it?

DaRcI said...