Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Furniture Dreams

So I am on the search for cheap furniture for my living room. (harder than you may think) But this is what I've found so far that I like! Tho not nearly as cheap as I want them to be!

The Home Depot
-Soho Swivel Arm Chair

Pier 1 Imports
- i would probably get a lighter colour though

-COMMANDER Swivel Chair


DaRcI said...

yea!!! check out starla's blog for baby pics!

Tamara said...

I love those big round chairs..they're the BEST for reading in!

Stephanie said...

I love them too. I don't understand why more people don't have them, Tamara's family is the only one out there.

Tamara said...

BONNIE! I was expecting a crazy long blog update since you have THE INTERNET NOW!!!! AHHHH! I think I'm more excited than you are! lol