Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ok, so a much needed update! As many of you already know I've been thinking about going to YWAM. But two i dont have money! And two, i cant decide which base to go to! So ya...I've pretty much decided that i want to go to one in Australia or New Zealand...but the UK is kinda my second choice...because well its more affortable. But ya....this is my news. So which means i kinda need to find a job if i plan on saving up for YWAM. Anyways thats my news for today...oh! and meet my new friend...Bongo!
Haha! I heart him!


Christy said...

If I ever met Bongo in a dark alley I would run...very fast...

I say Australia but I am biased of course!

Tamara said...

Bonnie, you updated!! Yesssss!

I'll definitely be praying that God gives you some direction in that area of your life :) You'd have such a good time!