Sunday, December 24, 2006

LiL CaRzY BiZzO, Oobla, Sweet Misery!

This post is dedicated to two of my bestest friends, Lauren and Tara, who i've known for like ever. But back in the day we had weird nicknames! Mine was lil carzy bizzo...which means "little sick from lack of goat girl" (dont ask lol) Laurens was of Jimmy Nuetron(sp?) cuz there was a alien dude named Oobla and he was making toast...hes so awesome! And Tara was Sweet Misery named after the Sweet Misery song by Michelle Branch...which we listened to wayyyyy too much! Anyways heres some pictures :)

(Above) These were taken either grade 9 or 10. When covering your walls with posters and such was so cool!

(Above) This picture was taken right before our year end dance in Grade 10. Hehe dontcha just love my Powerpuff Girls poster in the back! lol. This one was also taken when covering your walls was still totally cool.

(Above) These two were taken a few days ago. Since they were both in town we decided we needed new pictures of all of us :)

(Above) These were taken the same day...we were sword fighting in the Coast! On Gard!
Anyways thats all for now! Ciao!


Laurenzo said...

Yay pictures!

Anonymous said...

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