Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Trip To Rupert

Last week Tara and I went to Rupert! It was much fun. Here are some pictures! Though they arnt in order. On the left you will see the beautiful highway that we drove on. To the right you will see Tara looking at the moon! Hehe, yes that little white dot is the moon! You can see it a bit better on full view.

Right top: Tara at the Crest with her pink hair!

Right Bottom: Bonita at the Crest...mmm my favorite resturant!

These were our desserts! Mmm...
On the left is the famous deep fried icecream...yes I know what your thinking but its sooo good! To the Right you will find Creme Brulee! Which is grand with its crispy creamy goodness!

To the right! you will see the loverly Pooky and Bonita! That was taken at a rest stop on the way to PR. Below is me and a car that we saw in the Crest parking lot! I really like it...well ok, I really like the colour...the car could be better. But you rarley see cars that colour! So we thought it was picture worthy.

The left picture is of Tara falling over the edge!Hehe. The sign says " NOTICE,
Steep dropoff keep off fence" and someone changed it so it says "NOTICE, Steep dropoff keep off fenceive" Haha we were very entertained by it. The other picture is of me and the pointing man....which I think you already assumed that :P Well thats about it! see yaz!

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Tamara said...

I'm thinking a girl's trip to Rupert is needed in the very near future!