Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Trip To Australia

This is me at Ayers Rock aka Uluru. It is one of the largest monoliths in the world. It is made of arkosic sandstone. Don't I just look fab in my khaki green shorts and my thongs. Oh and look at my awesome tan! Woot!
Soon after I left Ayers Rock I backpacked to Katoomba where I ran into my long lost twin Esmerelda. We then proceeded to go on the scenic railway at Scenic World! (which you can see in the picture above!) We had much fun!

I ended my trip in Sydney. This is me in front of the Sydney Opera House.


***Dedicated to all my awesome creepy friends!***


Tamara said...

LOL Bonnie! That is so friggin awesome/creey! And just think, one day you'll be able to post real pics of your trip =D

Laurenzo said...

Haha that's the single greatest thing evar! Yesh it is!

Clover said...

bonz, you are brilliant!!!! love them. take me next time, ok???? *giggles* love ya! *hugs*