Friday, May 26, 2006

Grandma's Brithday!

Today was my grandma's bithday and it was much fun. She turned 87 today...and most likely wont live to be 88. Last week or so the doctors found a tumor. She has bowel cancer. Anyways, she had somuch fun today! We laughed soo much! First off...The sparklers on the cake wouldnt light! They would only light one at a time. lol, my mom and my grandma were killing themselves laughing. As you can see in the picture!

Haha heres another one of my fav pictures of the day. Grandma has green ears! Lol, ya I didnt even notice there was a plant behind her when I took the picture. But thats just too funny. Im soo glad I took that picture! It supplied me with hours of giggles.

Heres a pic of my mom and my grandma by the apple tree.

Heres a pic of me and my grandma holding the flowers we got her.

Heres yet again another picture of Grandma, Mom and Me by the apple tree. Haha I look like I'm falling!

*drumroll* Here are my favorite pictures! There were alot of bees and wasps in the apple tree and I was trying to take a picture of them but they kept laughing or twitching out cuz they thought bees were near them. Lol they could not stop laughing! I love it! Hey look! Second row, Second collum. My mom does the creepy face when she laughs too!Totally worht a full view! Well thats all for now! Cheerio!


Tamara said...

Aww Bonnie your grandma is SO cute! And holy canoli you look so much like your mom!!

Laurenzo said...

Hehe I love the ears! :P these are such nice pictures. :)